Hourly As Directed



The most common and convenient way to have a car & driver.

Tri County Limousine is a premier luxury limousine service providers. We are devoted in providing first class, personal trasportation service and feature the ultimate in comfort, courtesy, reliability and dependability.

Tri County Limousine’s tireless focus on the provision of optimal service, premier vehicle standards, comfort and flexible transportation is securely coupled with its highly trained professional chauffeurs, providing personalized transportation to multiple venues or places.

Regardless of the number of stops you need to make, our team will thoroughly plan and deliver a first class service. Our limo service eliminates the hassle of driving, navigating through busy traffic and finding a spot to park. Get to all your meetings and important events in style.

Directed hourly service puts a chauffeur at your disposal for as long as necessary. No destination is required to book this type of reservation, though certain minimum time restrictions may apply.

Hourly limousine service is designed for two types of occasions:

1. When a passenger has a specific itinerary with certain times. 

2. For passengers who want to simply want to roll “as directed,” informing their driver “where” and “when” on a need to know basis.

As directed chauffeur service is the perfect choice for individuals who require a vehicle to be with them throughout the day. Whether you have an important meeting in the city, a full schedule business tour, or entertaining your important clients, our professional chauffeurs can help to make your day stress-free. Our drivers can be relied upon to ensure that your journey is relaxing and enjoyable, allowing you more time to do your business.